bramstokerfinalistmedallionMichael Arruda is a Stoker-nominated author and movie critic. He’s published 25 horror short stories in various markets, a science fiction novel, TIME FRAME, two short story collections, and a movie review collection.

From 2003-2018, Michael co-wrote the humorous movie review column CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT, with Stoker Award winning author L.L. Soares. Michael’s horror movie column, “In The Spooklight,” has been featured in the pages of The Official Newsletter of the Horror Writers Association since 2000.

His movie reviews and columns appear regularly on his blog, This is My Creation: The Blog of Michael Arruda at marruda3.wordpress.com.

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New in 2019! DARK CORNERS, Michael Arruda’s second short story collection, contains ten tales of horror, six reprints and four stories original to this collection.

Dark Corners cover (1)

Waiting for you in Dark Corners are tales of vampires, monsters, werewolves, demonic circus animals, and eternal darkness. Be prepared to be both frightened and entertained. You never know what you will find lurking in dark corners.

Ebook: $3.99. Available at http://www.crossroadspress.com and at Amazon.com.  Print on demand version: available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1949914437.


TIME FRAME,  science fiction novel by Michael Arruda.  

How far would you go to save your family? Would you change the course of time? That’s the decision facing Adam Cabral in this mind-bending science fiction adventure by Michael Arruda.

Ebook version:  $2.99. Available at http://www.crossroadpress.com. Print version:  $18.00. Includes postage! Email your order request to mjarruda33@gmail.com. Also available at Amazon.com.

IN THE SPOOKLIGHT, movie review collection by Michael Arruda.


Michael Arruda reviews horror movies throughout history, from the silent classics of the 1920s, Universal horror from the 1930s-40s, Hammer Films of the 1950s-70s, all the way through the instant classics of today. If you like to read about horror movies, this is the book for you!

 Ebook version:  $4.99.  Available at http://www.crossroadpress.com.  Print version:  $18.00.  Includes postage. Email your order request to mjarruda33@gmail.com. Also available at Amazon.com.

FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR, first short story collection by Michael Arruda.  

For_the_love_of_Horror- original cover

Print cover

For the Love of Horror cover (3)

Ebook cover


Michael Arruda’s first short story collection, featuring a wraparound story which links all the tales together, asks the question: can you have a relationship when your partner is surrounded by the supernatural? If you thought normal relationships were difficult, wait to you read about what the folks in these stories have to deal with. For the love of horror!

 Ebook version:  $4.99.  Available at http://www.crossroadpress.com. Print version:  $18.00.  Includes postage. Email your order request to mjarruda33@gmail.com. Also available at Amazon.com.  


When he’s not writing, Michael is teaching middle school English and Drama at The Beech Hill School, an independent middle school, in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.

Michael enjoys movies on the big screen, visits from his adult sons, and time spent at home with his trusty sidekick and dog Buddy.





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  1. Hi Michael! So happy to see that you are an award-winning writer! Hope all is well! It’s been a long time since our BU law alumni office days!

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