THE WOLF MAN (1941) Poems – Even A Man Who Is Pure In Heart Can Write Poems when the Autumn Moon Is Bright!

the wolf man poster

For fun this summer, I’ve been writing poems about my favorite Universal monster movies. I’ve already covered a few FRANKENSTEIN movies and the Bela Lugosi DRACULA (1931).

Up today it’s THE WOLF MAN (1941), a film that continues to get better with age, one that is widely considered today to be the best werewolf movie ever made.

Here are a few poems inspired by this movie, once again, using the Fibonacci form.


wolf man fog

The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) stalks his prey.


“Even a Man Pure in Heart”




a man who

says prayers by night

becomes a wolf, the moon full, bright.



SIr John Talbot (Claude Rains) and his son Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.),  one of the more anguishing father/son relationships in horror movie history.


“Sir John Talbot”



Make your

Own fight, son.

These people have a

problem. Why would I want a cane?


the wolf man rains chaney

Sir John (Claude Rains) and Larry (Lon Chaney Jr.) hammering out their differences.


“The Advice of a Father”



Right Wrong

Are Very

Complex Things. In a

Man’s Mind Anything Can Happen.


the wolfman - chaney ouspenskaya

Maleva (Maria Ouspenskaya) bids farewell to her deceased son Bela, whle Larry (Lon Chaney Jr.) looks on, in disbelief that he killed a man when he knows he killed a wolf.






Walked Was

Thorny, through

no fault of your own.

My Bela, now you will find peace.


the wolfman - ouspenskaya and chaney

Maleva (Maria Ouspenskaya)  telling Larry (Lon Chaney Jr.) like it is.

“Larry’s Dilemma”



a wolf!

You think I

don’t know the difference

between wolf and man? You’re insane!


“Larry Talbot”



sane. I

didn’t seek

this. A werewolf bit

me. Why won’t you all believe me?



wolfman - chaney, ankers

No, Larry, you shouldn’t be flirting with an engaged woman, and no Gwen, you shouldn’t take that moonlit stroll in the woods with him, but you do, and the rest is history.

“Larry and Gwen”



moon is

full. I turn

into a wolf. I

could harm even you. Go away!


Hope you enjoyed these poems, which are pretty much just my re-working quotes from the movie into poetic form. They’re fun to write, and hopefully they’re fun to read.

On that note, as always, thanks for reading!




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